Ergo Asicurazioni

Free Wi-Fi. 1 MB connection to the internet is available free of charge in public areas of Active Hotel and Parc Hotel.

Reception desk open 24 a day at Active Hotel (at Parc Hotel during wintertime) Lets you book trips, exchange currencies, buy newspapers, send postcards and mail.

Free parking lots and garage. The hotel has lots of outdoor parking spaces and a garage available free of charge. No reservation needed.

Entertainment from April to mid-September.* The programme is designed for children and adults alike. * Periods may vary at Manager's discretion and according to season.

From April to November free shuttle bus.* Trasportation by shuttle bus to and from Peschiera del Garda, available free of charge.
* Please note that hours may vary at manager’s discretion and according to season.

Medium/small-sized dogs are welcome at our hotel!. Find out more.

Coin-operated washing machine and clothes dryer.

Room service

Arlecchino Pool. Outdoor swimming pool equipped with sunbeds and beach umbrellas.

Parc Hotel Will Cook for You. You can order a catering treatment; you can have your meal in one of the catering facilities designed for that in the resort or take away your food.

Thanks to the partnership with Gardavoyager, you can book your excursions online.

Restaurant, bar, and taproom available at the Active Hotel Paradiso.

Minigolf and skatepark.

Bike rental: several bikes available to you.

Pro Shop. Located at the Club House in front of the hotel entrance, it sells golf equipment. 10% discount for our guests.

Infodesk on the sports on Lake Garda.

Insure your holiday against cancellation and no show. Find out more.

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